Turning Around(a song of redemption)

Well, honey, I know it seems like a while that you’ve been waiting up for me/sorry, I’ve been preoccupied with chasing other dreams/it was you that brought the fire to this cold, cold heart of mine/you turned me to an honest man/when all I knew was a liar/so, I promise not to wake you on the night that I come home/’cause I’m sure that you’ll be sleeping in, getting the rest you deserve/I’d hate for you to see me and be thinking I’ve made things worse/all of the awful things I've said and ways that I didn’t put you first/so, darling, I hope that you’ll let me wake you up with roses in the morning/pour you one last cup of coffee/I’ll turn away from all the things that I knew were no good for me/And I’ll run to you.